Italian Lime Plaster

Venetian & Italian Plasters

Rialto ® The world finest decorative finishes.

"To build something that will last and be in perfect harmony with the context of the project, compatible with other construction materials and with the environment... this is the spirit of those who work with this noble substance."

Massimo Lo Cascio, Rialto

Why Venetian Plaster?

Venetian & Italian plasters are a hand troweled decorative finish that is used instead of paints.  There are two types of Italian plasters: the lime plasters and the siloxane resin based plasters.

Venetian plasters have a smooth finish.  They do not have texture as textured faux painted walls.  The true Venetian and Italian plasters by their very nature create what we call "texture without texture."  A beauty to behold, and quite amazing to feel.

What is the Quality?

Old World Designs artisans create beautiful walls and and ceilings using only authentic Venetian and Italian plasters.  The Rialto plasters are imported from Trieste, Italy.  Beauty and longevity are ensured with superior materials such as seasoned slaked lime, selected resins, Carrara marble, quartz, colored earth, and natural pigments."

Venetian or Italian Plaster?

Actually, the terms are used interchangeably.  The main distinction we like to make is not a definition of terms, but of quality.  The authentic (original) Venetian or Italian plasters are the seasoned slaked lime plasters of Italy.  These plasters produce the most beautiful finishes available.  Recently, U.S. based companies, (paint or stucco) have begun producing "Venetian plasters".  The quality is not the same.  It's good to remember, the Italians have been producing this ancient material for a long long time."

Is There a Difference?

Nick Brown, CEO of Vero, said it well: "Whereas common stucco and painting materials seem to have a flat, synthetic look to them, lime finishes have an iridescence, a translucency that make the finishes look richer.  And when the light bounces off a lime building and enters your eyes, it evokes emotions tied to tiny European towns, built house by house by artisans trained over generations in the family business."

Why Old World Designs?

Expertise - Old World Designs is the most experienced company with Venetian plaster in Colorado and a multi state region.  Our plaster projects establish the benchmark in high end residential and commercial decorative and architectural finishes.

The scope of our project participation includes design, conception and color/finish selection.  We are often asked to produce unique effects such as "antico"; from the subtly distinctive, to the brilliant and dramatic.
Our goal in every project is to create the extraordinary, delivering Venetian plaster finishes exceeding our clients expectations."

History of Plaster and Plastering

Much has been written and there is great historical record of limestone plasters being one of natures purest and oldest building materials.  This resource link has very good information:
Click here for: History of Plasters


The approach toward stone for the craftsmen has not changed over thousands of years; it is a continual and tireless effort of refinements, innovations, uniquely crafted for our client's desires and tastes.


Our client's vision and desires are of utmost importance;  We believe that the beauty and personality of their home is key, and authentic Venetian plaster is the single most beautifying product in the world!