Old World Venetian Plaster
“The Color of Nature” ™

Lime Venetian Plaster Finishes


Antiqua is the most authentic Italian limestone material on the market. It gives any interior and exterior wall the classic Venetian plaster appearance using genuine seasoned slaked lime from Dolomitic limestone river rock and the finest Carrara marble aggregate.

Standard and Custom colors are available. Traditional finishes are hand trowel in various techniques. Visit our showroom today or request samples.

Epoca Marmo

This fine seasoned slaked lime based interior and exterior finish replicates the true marmorino look with a very tight, smooth appearance when troweled. The mottling varies depending on color and application technique.

It has a smaller size aggregate than Antiqua, but slightly coarser than Spatolato. This product is great for use in all areas of the home. It is also perfect in contemporary homes for that smooth, even look with a satin gloss.

Epoca Spatolato

An aggregate free seasoned slaked lime Venetian plaster finish for interior and exterior wall surfaces. The smoothest of all the lime plasters, Epoca Spatolato creates a very smooth, polished finish using a chrome trowel.

Can be applied on its own or over Antiqua I and NLP to enhance the marble - like appearance. Spatolato feels like marble on your walls. Spatolato is a versatile plaster for all styles of architecture including contemporary designs.

Epoca Ottocento

Rialto Epoca Ottocento is a lime-based plaster that can also be used as lime paint. Creates a brushed matte or a glazed decorative appearance. Used in historic restoration work. Epoca Ottocento is the perfect solution for fixing color fading and efflorescence issues.

Old World’s application of Ottocento will beautify the walls and ceilings of your home without being labor intensive. It is composed of seasoned slaked lime, natural earth, inorganic oxides, and mineral additives.


The approach toward stone for the craftsmen has not changed over thousands of years; it is a continual and tireless effort of refinements, innovations, uniquely crafted for our client's desires and tastes.


Our client's vision and desires are of utmost importance;  We believe that the beauty and personality of their home is key, and authentic Venetian plaster is the single most beautifying product in the world!